long journeys wear me out

“it came down to one simple question for me: would you rather witness history, or would you rather read about it in a book?…”


New Yorker cover: Best controversy since Jeremiah Wright—first really good one of the general.

I think it’s a brilliant cover: Dr. Strangelove comes to mind, Country Joe’s “I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-to-Die Rag,” The Manchurian Candidate, anything where somebody said, “Let’s take everything that’s floating around out there and follow it to its logical conclusion—this is what we’re all thinking about, right?” (David Remnick was on CNN today—he’ll be everywhere in the next few days—and drew the more immediate parallels with Stewart and Colbert.) I realize there’s a broad spectrum there as to the objectives of the creators: Kubrick’s ridiculing what’s on the screen, The New Yorker’s ridiculing not what’s on their cover but the paranoid mindset that fantasized it into existence.
OBAMA NEW YORKERI’ve already heard a couple of Obama operatives express their dismay, one calling for (yawn) a boycott of The New Yorker. They seem to be worried about the part of America that’s not going to get the joke. It must be news to them that they probably won’t be getting many of those votes anyway.

(I’ve only looked at online scans of the cover so far—I’ll buy a copy when it hits Canadian newsstands. I get the feeling it’s like Dylan’s Bringing It All Back Home cover, where you want to comb over it really closely for additional clues. I want to see if there are titles for those books sitting on the left-hand shelf. I’m hoping Barry Blitt, the artist, made one of them Favorite Sermons of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright or something like that.)
[from election blog, 2008]

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